Rocky Nook Marine
Mooring & Diving Service

Rocky Nook & Jones River in Kingston, MA..
Harry Barnett - 30 Bay View Avenue, Kingston, MA. 02364
Phone: 1-781-248-7291    Email:

My name is Harry Barnett and I have lived along the water in Rocky Nook, Kingston MA., for over 40 years.  I am an experienced diver, that can work an underwater recovery or replace chains to your mooring block.  In addition to diving, I provide Spring & Winter Mooring Services. I can also install new mooring blocks in the Jones River /  Kingston Shores. At this time I service roughly half of the privately owned moorings in Kingston.
Winter Service
 - Remove mooring ball & install winter stick. 
 - Storage of ball & pennant over winter.

Spring Service
 - Clean Mooring Ball and pendant lines.
 - Bottom paint the ball & reletter the name as needed.
 - Replace copper ties, needed hardware and grease fittings.
 - Remove winter stick and install Ball back on mooring.

Diving Service
- Replace chains or find a lost mooring.

Float & drop a new mooring  
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