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Rocky Nook & Jones River in Kingston, MA..
Harry Barnett - 30 Bay View Avenue, Kingston, MA. 02364
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What size chain, block or equipment do I need for my boat?
Answer:  Click the link below. 
Town of Kingston

Why own a private mooring?  No waiting for an open spot on the Town of Kingstons mooring list. 

Some common fees are as follows:
Diving Service - $125   Non client dive fee $225
Move or Float a mooring block - $200 for yearly clients $300 for non client service
Winter / Spring Services - $130 / year

What is a winter stick?   
Answer:  A winter stick is a long streamlined float used to secure a mooring during the off season.

Why do I need to use a winter float?
Answer:  First, a winter float prevents your mooring ball from being locked in the winter ice. Once a ball gets locked in ice, it can lift and float your mooring away or just snap off your chain and ball.  Secondly, by installing a winter float your heavy chain is lowered into the muddy bottom for 6 to 7 months.  These months typically have high amounts of wave action. Waves create the friction that destroys your chain. Dropping the chain in the mud and having a winter stick installed extends the life of your chain.

On a rare occasion a new mooring may drag out of position if it gets locked in the ice.  Moorings that have not settled into the muddy bottom slide very easily and the ice can bulldoze a mooring block hundreds of feet away.  This can only be prevented by the owner physically digging a hole and burying the block.
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